Liverpool street
Northampton street
18 de Burgh Hill

'C' Squadron Royal East Kent Yeomanry

'1st Kent Battery, 3rd Home Counties (Cinque Ports) Brigade Royal Field Artillery; head quarters, Drill hall, Liverpool street.' Also the brigade head quarters.

'Kent Royal Garrison Artillery (No. 6 Company); Drill hall, Northampton street.'
'Cinque Ports Fortress, Electric Lights Company Royal Engineers; head quarters, Liverpool street.' Also listed as Castle street.

'4th Battalion, The Buffs (East Kent Regiment) (H Company), Northampton street.'

All the references above are from Kelly, 1913.

L Company 1st Volunteer Battalion at the 'Drill room, Northampton street.' (Kelly,1891)

'1st Cinque Ports Royal Garrison Artillery' with 'head quarters, near Guildford Battery, Dover.' (Kelly 1903)

ds 'H' Kent Cyclist Battalion

Northampton Street.
This drill hall is marked on the 1937 OS Map, but the area of Northampton Street has since been flattened and is now a car park for the De Bradelei Wharf discount shopping centre. However, the cobbles of Northampton Street and a small side alley are clearly visible in the car park, and these give the exact location of the front and one side of the drill hall.

The re-oriented extract from the 1937 OS map shows the location of the Drill Hall. This is indicated by the arrow on the photograph, which corresponds in orientation with the map.

DoverWeb mentions that '...a series of lectures on the tactical deductions of the Boer War for officers and men of the army was given at the Volunteer Drill Shed, Northampton Street. ...' in 1901.

Liverpool Street.
This drill hall is shown on the 1937 OS map. The dual carriageway to the Eastern Docks now goes right over the site of this drill hall and nothing remains. The site is on that of the Guilford Battery which sits at the foot of the cliff under Dover Castle.

The extracts from the 1907 and 1937 OS maps show Liverpool St and the locations of the Drill Halls at the Eastern End. Unfortunately the dual carriageway to the Eastern Docks appears to have sliced straight through the sites However, there are some remains of the battery.

We are very grateful to Charles Fair for the detailed information and the photographs.
Northampton Street: Extract from 1937 Ordnance Survey

Northampton Street: The site in 2007

Liverpool Street: Extract from 1907 Ordnance Survey

Liverpool Street: Extract from 1937 Ordnance Survey
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