Multiple Locations

'E' 1 Monmouthshire
'A' Co. of the 2nd Volunteer Battalion South Wales Borderers
F Troop of the Royal Gloucestershire Hussar Yeomanry Cavalry
ds 'C' Sqn Royal Gloucestershire Hussars Gloucestershire (Royal Gloucestershire Hussars) Yeomanry Cavalry (F Troop)

'A' Co and F Troop HQ - Lower Church street
Listed in Kelly, 1895, at 'Drill hall, Bank buildings.'

Gloucestershire (Royal Gloucestershire Hussars) Yeomanry Cavalry (F Troop), Drill hall, Market house, Station road.'
This information derives from Kelly, 1895.

The Lower Church Street premises are currently used as an Educational Resource Centre(2005).

A plaque outside the building commemorates the men who marched from there: "The officers and men of 'E' Company (Chepstow) 1st Battalion Monmouthshire Regiment, who paraded here on 6th August 1914 before leaving for active service on the Western Front. Many never returned.'.

The drill hall is very close to premises which were used as a hospital during the Great War.

(G M Roberts)

(G M Roberts)
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