Saving a Drill Hall


Saving a drill hall - a resource bank

We have been consulted several times by people who are concerned for the future of a drill hall. The hall itself might be under threat of demolition of substantial alteration, or features such as crests, plaques or datestones might be at risk of removal and loss.

We are usually pleased to help. Sometimes inquirers simply seek insights and thoughts from people who have a particular interest in drill halls.

With this in mind, we intend to provide resources to help those putting together a case to defend the drill hall. We plan to include examples of articles or documents, sample letters, suggestions of heritage advisory bodies and so on.

If you want to make a case for the importance of a drill hall to its community, with reference to its heritage past, the Generic Redevelopment Document may be helpful.


The Drill Hall Project holds and retains the copyright to all documents provided as stimuli and examples. They may not be used or adapted as if they were your own.

The Drill Hall Project may not be cited as a supporter of any case without our agreement. Please contact us and we will usually be very willing to help you.

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